31 Days to Finding Your God-Given Identity

31 Days God given Identity

Think about it!! Before you were ever conceived in your mother’s womb, God was thinking about you. He was planning your unique personality, gifts and talents and physical appearance. His heart was overflowing with love for you! He was joyous with anticipation of breathing His life into you so that you could share a relationship of love

We can be confident and free when we discover our significance, identity and purpose in God. Whatever the world may say to us, God is saying you are precious and uniquely beautiful to Me.

Come join me on a 31 Day Journey of Finding Your Identity in God. Let the truth of His Word sink into your spirit. Fill your mind with the Word of God, which supersedes any words spoken by others or yourself. Let’s press in to find who we really are.

Psalm 139:17 God's thoughts about you Psalm 139:17

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