Are Women More Complicated Than Men?

Recently I was thrilled to find a coral and black top and a coral open cardigan to wear with it. While at lunch with my mother and my son, she commented on the beautiful color. I told her that I had been looking for something coral. My son then remarked that it was pink. I corrected him (of course) and explained that it is coral, an orange pink shade. He (of course) argued that no, it is pink.

He then proceeded to ask if I had ever heard the explanation that men see about 10 basic colors: black, white, red, blue, yellow, green, orange, brown etc but women see hundreds of color hues: turquoise, aqua, fuchsia, coral, beige, cream, cocoa, navy, royal and so on.

This reminded me of my reflection one day that I am much more complex, perhaps more complicated, than my husband. He lives a simple life- work, home, dinner, paperwork, TV, church on Sunday, an occasional date with me or trip. His taste in food, clothes, hobbies etc are simple and rarely change. It does seem to me that many men are pretty basic- they go to work and if you feed them a tasty dinner and share in regular romantic activity they are satisfied. Men tend to have one pair each of black and brown shoes and sneakers. They may have a close friend or two and a hobby. After 25 years if marriage, I can usually predict how my husband will answer a question and can even complete his quip and jokes for him.

I, however, want and need more to be happy. I like a variety of activities, need socialization with friends, yearn to grow spiritually and travel to church conferences and special services, and of course enjoy a wide variety of clothing. I dream about vacations, family get-togethers, and how I hope to spend old age. I prefer to read and interact on the internet or visit a friend rather than the passive act of watching television. I want flowers in my yard and pretty landscaping. The list goes on.

These are actually things I thought about as part of my Becoming My Best Me. I paused to reflect on what I need to be fulfilled and lead a rewarding life. I realized that spending the rest of my life with a routine of work, dinner, then watching TV is unsettling to me. I want to live a more varied, vibrant, interesting life with plenty of relationship and socialization. I want to feel productive, connected, alive!

And so after the conversation with my son, I am wondering: is this a difference between men and women in general or just between my husband and myself? What have you found to be true in your life? I am interested to know what other women think about this.

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