Becoming Healthy Naturally

All of my adult life I have been drawn to natural ways to be healthy, as God created us to be. Modern medicine has made some amazing advances but also often ignores basic health concepts such as “you are what you eat”. The tendency to prescribe a medicine for almost every situation ignores other options which can be effective with less possible side effects.

In my 20’s I was pregnant with my first daughter. I don’t remember being influenced by anyone but I was intent on having a natural childbirth and breastfeeding my baby. Thankfully, I was able to do both with her and my other three children. I advised many other moms about breastfeeding, the perfect food designed for babies. To me, it is a miraculous gift from God to be able to nourish my baby and see him/her grow just from that.

I realize not all with agree with me and my approach to health, but my journey has progressed to try to build my body to be as healthy and strongly immune to disease by drinking water primarily, eliminating sugar and limiting processed foods, using essential oils, and using nutritional supplements. I will be sharing from time to time the things that have enhanced my journey to natural health.

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