Bouncing Back from The Valley . . . Again

Life is a journey of ups and downs. No way around it. The key is to enjoy and cherish the high points and to focus on moving back up and to learn what you can when you are in a difficult valley.

I started this blog and the book I am writing as a result of going into one of my lowest valleys and finding my way back out. I found that a big part of moving forward was making choices- to choose to not stay there, to choose to believe there was something better in my future, to choose to place my hope in God, focus on Him and His promises.

The circumstances that led me to feel sad, discouraged and hopeless still exist and rise up as bigger in my life from time to time. Today is one of those days. I found myself crying, disappointed in several relationships and sad that many parts of my life have not turned out the way I would have imagined or hoped.

I allowed myself to have that good cry and to speak some of what I was feeling. But I know there is no benefit to staying there. So as they say, I pull up my big girl panties, and choose to move on. I will remind myself of what I have been sharing to encourage others. I will read God’s Word, sing along to worship songs and simply trust in God’s goodness and power.

Hope in the Lord

If you are in a valley today, feeling disappointed or discouraged, please put your hope in the Lord. He is a Restorer and a Redeemer. He can comfort you as no one else can. Take some time to rest in Him and allow your heart to heal. Put your trust in Him for a better tomorrow, even if you cannot see how with your natural eyes.

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