Bucket List- What Really Matters

After watching the movie Bucket List and realizing how many people make their own list, I decide it would be fun to make one, too. I ended up with 11 items and half of them involve travel. I love the beach and hope to be a snowbird, sooner than later. I have been blessed to go to Hawaii twice and hope to make it back one more time- to add another island or two and if possible, to take my family along. I enjoy cruising, too, and would love to have my children and grandchildren all on a cruise together.

All your heart

In the past couple years, I still have only achieved one thing on my list – but it is a big one – writing and publishing my first book. Now that I have conquered that goal, I envision writing many more and helping others to write and publish their own. There was more to learn than I imagined, especially because I decided to self-publish. But is is good to keep learning and stretching and I am glad I did and continue to do so.

Revealing Your Treasures Hidden in Darkness

My hopes and dreams for the last third of my life include lots of loving and spending time with family and friends; basking in the sun and being restored by the beauty of nature at the beach, in parks, and forests. I would be so happy to kiss cold winters goodbye and spend them in a warmer, no snow location. I hope to see new sites and try new things. I have several books started in my heart and mind and computer and I desire so much to share through speaking to women’s groups.

Hold onto Hope,
Revive Your Dreams.
Not too late, not too old

On a recent morning I was praying spontaneously and my heart was stirred deeply to dedicate the rest of my days to glorifying God, in whatever way that takes me. From the depths of my heart, I declared that I want all that I have been through, all that I am and all that I have yet to offer to be offered as a testimony of God’s love, goodness, restoration and best plan.

My bucket list ultimately is to be a vessel available to be used by Him to bring hope and healing to those hurting- to bring Him glory.

Commit your plans to God

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9 thoughts on “Bucket List- What Really Matters

  1. I am a list maker. But, making a list is not enough for me. I have to follow that list up with a plan, or it just remains a list. I am so happy that were able to write and publish your book, scratching one thing off of that list

  2. Karen, this post was just the dose of encouragement I needed today! The verse from Proverbs 16:3 hangs on my mirror to remind me my goal: Use what God has given me to glorify Him!
    Great post!

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