Choosing to be Lost

Some may disagree or not understand what I say here. But I believe with all my heart that the reason that each and every person exists is to know God, love Him and serve Him. I believe that He is Love and from His abundance of love, He created us to love Him back and walk in relationship with Him. It is our privilege to know this and receive Him as our Savior and also as Lord of our life.

Living this out means that in recognizing Him as our Creator, acknowledging our need for a Savior and accepting that He is Lord, we commit to following His commands. Years ago I read a wonderful book by Ron Mehl titled The Tender Commandments. It explained how God gave His commands out of His love and desire to protect us and keep us from the lures of a fallen world that would cause us problems and heartache. Then Jesus made it even simpler (simple, not necessarily easy)by calling us to love God with all our heart, mind and soul and to love others as ourselves. Then in the book of John 14:15 we are told “”If you love Me, you will keep My commandments”.

The root of all sin has been wanting to be our own Lord and to do what we want, especially if it makes us feel good or happy at the moment. Satan wanted to be worshiped and so led a rebellion in heaven. Adam and Eve were not content with all the blessings they had in a perfect Eden and an intimate walk with God but wanted to know things He was protecting them from and taste the only tree that He said not to eat from. As Joyce Meyer says, the battle begins in our mind, with thoughts about why we deserve to do this or excuses for making choices contrary to these commands from God. Regardless of how many others are doing it or what our society and culture says, if our choices go against these commands of God and His ways, they are wrong!

I have observed Christians who had been active in church and definitely know in their heart and mind what God says and wants for us, who due to hurt or disappointment become vulnerable to making choices that make them feel better but are totally contrary to what they know is right. A voice in their head springs up out of bitterness, hurt or regret and begins to convince them that they should go in a different direction to be happy. Then they pull away from the church and Christian friends, forgetting that it is the sheep that strays off alone that is vulnerable to attack. It is so sad to watch. And it is frustrating because they become deaf to any loving input, almost as if they have their fingers in their ears to block off hearing and words.

As a friend, my heart aches when I watch them make wrong, destructive choices. I have watched families be destroyed, friendships ruined and lives spiral down in snowballing bad choices. Many of these struggling ones, who have chosen to be lost again, are also parents and modeling terrible choices for their children. So all I can do is continue to love them, even if not being in fellowship with them and pray, pray, pray, that their eyes will be opened again and they will repent and come back to the God whose arms are spread wide, waiting for His prodigal to return. I can only imagine how God’s heart aches as He watches this precious son or daughter turn away.

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