Commit Your Ways in 2017

It’s a New Year. Time to stop and think about goals, plans, dreams.

I don’t know about you but I can get get caught up in all the dreams my heart desires, all the goals I want to achieve, all the things I hope will happen this year. Sometimes my mind races and my heart soars, without really pausing to consider if this is what God wants for me right now.

Because I know I can get so enthused and want to move forward to make the things happen that I am hoping for, I make myself stop and remember the story of Abraham and Sarah. They wanted a son so badly! And God had promised them offspring, in spite of their older ages. But it was taking longer than they expected and their patience was growing thin. So they devised their own scheme to get a son for Abraham, by having her servant get pregnant by him. They created an Ishmael! This caused all sorts of problems when the son God intended, Isaac, was born. The effects carry on to this day to tension between lineage in that area.

Commit your plans to God

Commit your plans to God

I have learned to commit my ways to the Lord and trust that my dreams will come to pass, if they are part of His plan, which is based on knowing what is ultimately best for me. My life centers on believing that God alone knows the beginning from the end and what is the best timing, what the long-term effect of a decision or action will be. I trust this truth in Isaiah:


So I sit and pray about my hopes, dreams and plans. I ask God to lead me and to open the doors that He knows are best for me and to close any that are not. I ask Him to help me to wait on His timing and to not rush ahead of Him. I trust that He knows and wants the very best for me and will bring it to pass. As I wait on God, I do my part- I study and learn, I take action where I need to, I connect with others, I follow through on the opportunities presented. I expect good things to happen and accept that if things turn out different than I hoped, perhaps it will work out for a better outcome in the long run.

There have been many circumstances in my life that have been difficult, disappointing, and hurtful. I don’t understand why they happened and some were not the answer to prayer that I was hoping for. I have had times I struggled with asking why and working through all my feelings. I am thankful that I have always known in my heart that God loves me and have been able to trust in His faithfulness, even through the difficult times and questioning. He has been my Rock, my Strength, my Refuge in many circumstances and I feel blessed to have that. I have often wondered where some people get the strength to carry on if they do not have that relationship with God.

One of my life-long dreams has been to write a book and the right time was birthed out of one of the darkest, most difficult times in my life. I sensed this was the time to write and have prayed and committed this project daily to God over the past 2 years. It has been nothing short of astonishing to watch God make provision, surround me with favor and open doors that I was not even aware of. This process has been a living example of the truth of this theme verse in Proverbs 16. I am so thankful to Him and blessed by His faithfulness. “Revealing Your Treasures Hidden in Darkness” will be published and released very soon.

I am grateful to be able to share what He has done, to assure you that His Word is true and He will do this for you, too. I encourage you to take your dreams and goals to Him and surrender them to His plan and timing for your life. You can trust that He loves you, has plans for good, and knows the very best ways to work it out.

May you be blessed abundantly in 2017 and see your dreams unfold.

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6 thoughts on “Commit Your Ways in 2017

  1. A beautifully written and timely post. I’ve learned as I abide in the Lord (John 15:5) to look for where He is working around me, then join Him in what He’s doing. Too often, I’ve tried to force my agenda and it never ends up the way I planned. And of course, not! For God’s ways and thoughts are not ours.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Blessings to you in 2017

  2. I heard a sermon this weekend that reminded me to watch God work. I am the one he mentioned that misses blessings, because I try to figure life out. I am praying that I will let this year be the one I live each moment in the presence of God. Thank you for sharing how God has been there for you.

    • Thank you, Krystal. I pray that 2017 will be a year that you reach a new level of intimacy, trust and faith in God and can rest in His love and promises, even when you don’t completely understand. Be blessed! Karen

  3. Karen, Congratulations on your book. I waited five years to complete my book. God taught me so much through the process. I dredged up old hurts while writing. The process was healing. Thank you for sharing.

    • Thank you Cherrilynn. I always think that nothing is wasted in our lives if we learn and grow from it. Writing a book is definitely a learning process and can help us and those wee write for. May you be blessed in 2017 with healing, wholeness and abundance.

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