“D” Words- Hold On to Your DREAM!!

It is almost 2 years that I have been on the journey toward believing God has a good plan for this season of my life and pursuing the dream in my heart.

It is a year since I embarked on writing my book, attended She Speaks conference and began learning the many facets of being an author and publishing a book.

Some have asked me how I have kept focused through this year of writing. My answer is that the vision of my dream is very real in my heart and spirit and I keep focusing on it. If I get distracted or discouraged, I reflect back on what it is that I am called to do and that stirs the motivation and inspiration again.

I also pray regularly for God to anoint my words and impart what will bring healing, hope and inspiration to the women who will read my book.

Distractions from work, family, health and other responsibilities will come. Discouragement will rise up at times. As I work toward the last phase of completing my book, I can feel resistance coming against me. Even seeds of Doubt may try to sprout up from time to time.

D words to hold on to Dream, Determination,  Destiny

D words to hold on to Dream, Determination,

But . . . I am Determined to finish! That is the “D” word that I will hold on to. And continuing to envision and pursue the Dream in my heart. Motivated by the goal of fulfilling my Destiny and helping other women to do the same.

May hope arise in your heart today, your Dream be alive and vivid in your heart and your spirit be Determined to pursue your Destiny!!
God wants nothing less for you and is ready and willing to help it happen.

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