Desires of Your Heart

Delight Yourself   Psalm 37 4

Delight yourself in the Lord . . . what an awesome verse and promise for the New Year!

As we make our resolutions, ponder our hopes and unwrap our dreams, we begin by delighting in God, the One who created us out of His overflowing love. We were fashioned to fellowship with Him and to fulfill the vision, destiny, and purpose He had in mind for each of us individually. He is calling us to sit and draw near, heart to heart, to hear Him whisper His words of promise and encouragement and the next steps of our journey.

This verse is telling us two things. God is promising that as we delight in Him, loving Him and desiring to live to please Him, He will grant desires of our heart out of His goodness and love. Just as any good Father wants to care for His children and give them gifts that being them joy.

But the deeper meaning of these words reveals that as we draw close to God and delight ourselves in Who He is and how He loves us, and focus on His goodness, kindness, faithfulness and power, He places His desires for us in our hearts and we incorporate them as our desires. This inspires us to pursue the things that are very best for us and at the same time, please God and fulfill His plan for us. It is a glorious win-win.

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