Gratitude Brings Blessings

Gratitude is being thankful and brings with it a sense of blessing and peace. When we express gratitude to someone else for what they have done, it pleases them and shows appreciation. Gratitude also lights our soul and fills us with joy and peace.

There is an expression of having an attitude of gratitude. This refers to developing a focus on appreciating what we do have and focusing on that, rather than thinking about our problems and what we want but don’t have. It is a matter of perspective and fundamentally the state of our heart. Gratitude can result from intentionally searching for the good in our lives and focusing outwardly, rather than on ourselves.

Forbes Magazine published an article by Amy Morin listing 7 benefits of gratitude. These included: improving psychological health, reducing depression and improving physical health with fewer aches and pain and better self-care. It can also bring increased sensitivity and empathy for others; foster resilience, more mental strength and the ability to overcome trauma. Other benefits can include better sleep after reflecting on what you are grateful for; more self-esteem and less comparison; and possible new relationships with those you express appreciation to.

Gratitude is a matter of perspective and truly does benefit us as well as others. I have found that the bereaved who are aware of the blessings in their life, who turn their focus to their thankfulness for the years they did spend with their loved one and for the friends and family they still have, heal faster and more completely than those who focus more on what they are missing. Acceptance and surrender have a role in gratitude because that enables one to appreciate what is good in their life, even if the circumstances are not exactly what they hoped for or planned.

There is even an essential oil blend to diffuse which helps create an atmosphere of gratefulness in your home.

I would encourage and even challenge you to start and end each day with a moment of gratitude. Look at the beauty of nature around you each morning and night. Pause and appreciate that you have a new day, a job and provision, a home to live in, family and friends. Be thankful for what you can do, rather than lament what you cannot do. By opening your heart to intentially pursue gratitude, you will find yourself blessed more than you might imagine.

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