I write because . . .

I have loved to read for as long as I remember; probably age 6 when I learned how. I would read at every chance I could. I remember Saturdays when I was supposed to be helping my mother to clean our house and she would find me in a corner reading. My father was an alcoholic and it caused some turmoil and stress in our home so reading became an escape for me. As an adult, I realized that God used that form of escape to bless me. Loving to read helped me do well in school, especially in English class. It helped me become a “speed reader” without even intending to be one. It helped me to be able to discern main themes and important points.

Love for reading expanded into a love for the written word. There are various styles of learning; I still prefer the written word. In this age of webinar, videos, and audios, I find myself thinking “please just give me an article to read”. I have a kindle but I still vastly prefer to read a “real” book. I read, collect, underline and loan my books.

It seems only natural that this love of reading and books would lead to the desire to write a book. And it has! It has been a dream of mine to write a book for many years. I have published a few magazine articles and contributed to newsletters. I have had several people prophetically say that I would write books. And that resonated deep in my heart. And now in 2015 I decided that it is time to write books. I have one burning inside of me and several other ideas for other future books.

Books have impacted my life in so many ways. They have entertained me, challenged me in suspense and mystery, increased my knowledge and understanding of so many topics, and provided encouragement, direction and healing. I believe that as I take experiences of my life and the lessons I learned and wisdom I gained, I can share that to impact the lives of others.

There is a comfort in writing to express myself. I kept a written diary as a teen and have journaled many years as an adult. I take written notes during sermons to keep and review. I sometimes can most clearly express my feelings to someone in a letter. I am thrilled to be blogging because as revelation comes to me or something inspires me, I can sit and write about it on my blog and hopefully make a positive impact in reader’s lives.

God is the center of my life and my desire is to please Him and bring Him glory. Therefore I am asking Him to anoint my writing and give me the words that He knows will touch the hearts of those who read them and draw them to Him. With His direction, grace and empowerment, my hope is to write books that ail truly change lives and set people free to live out their unique destiny that God created them to fulfill.

I write because the words are in me and writing allows them expression and freedom to flow. I write because it makes thoughts and concepts clear. I write to bring encouragement and inspiration to others. I write because it is part of who I am.

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