Integrity and Heartache

Integrity, a virtue and strength that seems to be less prevalent in our world today.

It starts with having a value system that guides your life and desire to walk it out, regardless of cost. Choosing friends with integrity helps you to know that you can count on them through thick and thin. Hiring employees with integrity means that they will do a good job because it is important to them, not just because it is required.

I have discovered that when it is important to yourself that you live with integrity, it cuts like a knife when others make assumptions that discredit your honesty, faithfulness, and living as you believe is right. Unfortunately, I have experienced this with family during the course of my mother’s decline and death. Being accused, verbally attacked, and rejected because of things assumed which are not even accurate is so hurtful. It hurts, even more, when you try to live a life of love, kindness, honesty, and integrity.

I remind myself that even Jesus, who was all good, was falsely accused, attacked and even killed. My other comfort is to remind myself that God knows my heart, my motives, and the truth. I can rest in that.

Peace… my heart is pure

After reassuring myself that God knows my heart, I also realized that I need to focus on the friends and family who truly know me, my strengths, flaws, and the intent of my heart and recognize the importance of good character to me. I can remind myself of their love and loyalty and choose not to allow the false accusations of others to bring me down. I can continue to live according to the principles I hold dear, forgive those who come against me, and seek the comfort and security of God and faithful friends. It isn’t easy walking with integrity and it may even make us a target for attack. But it is vital that we remain true to what we know is right, living to follow and obey God and doing our best to share His love, shine His light and speak His truth.

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2 thoughts on “Integrity and Heartache

  1. Remembering that Jesus walked in our shoes and suffered the things we do (so undeservingly) gives comfort and strength to live above our detractors. Abundant grace to you in your journey in Jesus’ name.

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