Revealing YOUR Treasures

I started this blog as I began my journey toward writing the book on my heart. I had gone through a very difficult season with many losses, disappointments and struggles. It felt like one wave crashing on me after another. Have you ever felt like that?

As I made my way through and was able to revive hope and believe for a brighter future, the seed of my book was planted, as I felt I was to share my journey to help other woman find their way on theirs to their true God-given identity and purpose. My book is nearly complete and will be published soon. I am also developing an accompanying workbook and plan to lead women’s workshops, guiding them along this journey of unveiling the treasures within them.

This book is for you . . . if you have questioned what you have contributed in your life or what you yet have to offer the world. If your identity and dreams got lost somewhere in the roles of motherhood, work and other responsibilities. If lost relationships damaged your identity, security and confidence. If you have had hopes dashed and dreams pushed deep inside, this book is for you.

Come, join us on our journey from a dark, difficult place, through questioning to acceptance, renewed hope and dreams awakened. Allow the words in the testimonies and scriptural truth to dispel lies, accusations, rejection, betrayal, discouragement and hopelessness that you may have felt. May your heart and spirit find hope and healing and may your unique God-given identity and purpose become clear.

Regardless of your circumstances, your age, your health, your finances and your past, you DO have a future and something to contribute. Just believe . . . and come along on the journey to delving in to reveal YOUR beautiful treasure hidden in darkness. Get ready to shine!

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One thought on “Revealing YOUR Treasures

  1. I was in a really dark place this morning awakened by a sense of failure due to the losses of my husband and beloved daughter within a few months..Although in my heart I know that I did everything to try my best to save them during theirr long and painful illnesses…theses feelings keep flooding back time and again..Just reading Karen’s profound words have given me hope that I may be able to see the light again on my journey to healing and finding myself again although the scars will always be there..Her words have such a special meaning to me and I am so grateful.

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