S t r e t c h e d and Over Extended!!

Thankfully Gumby always came back to normal after being stretched in all directions.

Are you one of those who have many interests, tend to say yes, and then find yourself stretched in too many directions? So am I! Fortunately, I can feel that I am doing too much or am involved in too many different things and I make a conscious decision to pull back. This is one of those times- I am sitting back, looking at what I am involved in, and deciding what I need to let go to have more balance and peace in my life.

Recently I had a prophetic word given to me by a visiting pastor. He said that I was like Gumby or a bungee cord- I tend to get stretched way out but I always bounce back. Hmmm. Just a few weeks before I felt the need to do just that – bounce back to more equilibrium. I know it is partly due to this being an extra busy time at my job and also the marketing of my first book. So some time will free up naturally as these things settle down. But I still need to simplify and focus my life a little more.

Never in the real world but often stretched in my schedule!

I can’t imagine me ever bungee jumping in the real world- the risk is scarier to me than the thrill would be. But look at my datebook and wow do I get stretched out!

I made a list of my involvements to decide what to cut out. My conclusion is to try and focus my life on 5 main things:
1) FAITH– my relationship with Jesus is the most important thing in my life and it includes being involved at church, leading Grief Share support group, praying and ministering to others and through my writing and speaking.

2) FAMILY– it is important to me to talk with and spend time with my husband, children and grandchildren and mother. I travel once a month or so to see those who are further away. It is important to me to be connected to all the generations I am blessed to have. I am hoping to retire sooner than later so I am more free to do this.

3) AUTHOR and SPEAKER– I am so thrilled to have this dream in my heart coming to pass. I am learning and growing so much. I hope to do much more writing and speaking in the years to come, as long as I am able.

4) NATURAL HEALTH- Always a priority for me, I am focusing more on eating God-given whole foods and eliminating processed and sugar filled foods. I also have been incorporating more supplements and non-toxic personal and home products. I will be sharing more with others about the Do Terra essential oils I have used for years and whichever natural skin care and makeup line I find works best for me. I have tried several and am still searching for the best one for me.

These 4 focuses seem to all tie together for me and I can share about all of them here as part of my journey to Becoming My Best Me. I welcome your input and hope you, too, can find what your life needs to be centered on and let other distractions go.

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