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As the year ends, we celebrate the greatest gift of Jesus, Who came to earth from heaven, to be everything we need- Savior, Victorious Overcomer, Restorer, Protector, Provider, Source and our All in All. Recently I wrote about Jesus being the Answer to every problem in our world today and that we can be part of that answer by drawing near to Him and bearing His fruit in our lives. I found myself deeply convicted to spend more time sitting at His feet, abiding in Him so that the fruit of the Holy Spirit can increase in me.

Have you ever felt amazed by God- Who He is and what He has done for you? I sometimes laugh at myself because why should I be amazed? He is always AMAZING! God is a most beautiful jewel, sparkling with immeasurable facets of His character. Within Himself, there lies the answer for every need. Jesus revealed parts of Who He is through various “I am” statements including the “Way, Truth and Light, Resurrection and Life, Bread of Life, Good Shepherd and the Vine”. One of my favorite books is Knowing God by Name: Names of God That Bring Hope and Healing by David Wilkerson which describes how God revealed various parts of His character, His Names, to persons throughout the Bible.

Jewel of many facets

As our knowledge and understanding of Him increase, He reveals one facet of Himself and then another to us personally. Just as the eye doctor flips the lens during an eye exam and asks “Can you see more clearly here. . . or here?”, God will show us each individually the facet of Who He is in our lives, the revelation that we need at that time. We can apply His Word and His promises to our specific situation. Whatever you need today- comfort, peace, love, light, justice, provision, protection, hope, healing – He is that for you.

When we have a need or are struggling with a particular problem, we can come to God in prayer and ask for His revelation of what part of His character is what we need in that circumstance. For instance, I was praying about a situation in which I felt unjustly accused and cheated and I asked that righteousness and justice would reign in that instance. The realization came to me that God IS Justice and He IS Righteousness so I asked Him to rule over it, surrendered it to Him in trust and immediately felt His peace. I felt that God was showing me “He heard me, He has this, He will take care of it”.

I would encourage you to do the same – bring whatever it is that you need today to Him. Ask Him to reveal Who he is to you and how He is greater than whatever situation you face. he is the Answer. He is the Source. He is amazing.

In this coming New Year, I intend to start or end each day with worship and time in His presence, to hear what He would say to me through His Word or by His still, small voice in my heart. My hope is that I will draw closer to Him than ever, become more “transformed by the renewing of my mind” (Romans12:2), to know His will, the next step to take on my journey with Him, and for the fruit of His Spirit to increase in me.

Worship brings me into His presence so I compiled a new playlist call Good Morning, Lord. Here is a link to it on YouTube:

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