The Answer… Bear His Fruit

As I prayed this morning, I was praising God for being greater than all the evil and problems in the world. And He showed me in a new way that YES, HE IS THE ANSWER. The fruit of the Holy Spirit is love, peace, joy, kindness, gentleness, patience, faithfulness, goodness, self-control. What do we see missing in our world right now? Duh. All of these!

The enemy has sown discord rather than peace- it disturbs our souls. There is hatred, rebellion, prejudice, violent activists rather than love and kindness. Self-control has been replaced by selfishness, vile speech and insisting on having your way. Faithfulness and honor have been lost.

This is what our world needs and we know the Source- Jesus! As we draw close to Him, cling to the Vine, and allow our Spirit to be filled to overflowing with His Spirit, we will be carriers of what the world needs. We can bring LOVE to overcome evil, we can shed His LIGHT which dispels darkness, we can speak His TRUTH which is greater than the lies of the enemy.

It has become obvious that God has been taken out of our country and culture, out of our schools; truth has been replaced by the thinking of this world, even in our churches; separation of church and state has been twisted from the original intent of freedom to worship with our government interference to a new high level of the antiChrist spirit in America. The answer is God! The answer is that we, His people who follow Him, draw closer to be filled with more of Him and then carry Him and His fruit to the lost and hurting world around us.


There may be a need to arm ourselves in the natural and for peaceful protests. But this is truly a spiritual war at its crux and our greatest weapons are spiritual. Prayer is powerful. Declaring the truth in scripture is powerful. And carrying the Fruit of the Spirit is powerful. We need to remember: Greater is HE who lives in us than anything in the world!

So if you are feeling pulled to draw closer to God. please do. If you are feeling drawn to go back to church, please do. If you are being convicted to spend more time in prayer and worship, please do. If you feel compelled to speak the Truth in love, please do. Let’s follow what Jesus taught us: to draw near, to abide in Him, to put on the armor of God, to go forth in love.

Greatest is LOVE

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2 thoughts on “The Answer… Bear His Fruit

  1. Really liked your post and it hit home for me this morning as my dog passed away, he was my youngest daughter’s dog and she left him to me in her will after a seven year battle with a brain tumor. No matter what happens God’s Will Will be done whether it in the light of day or by events of darkness.

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