Three Fold Cord Girlfriends

Friendship One of the greatest blessings in my life are my wonderful girlfriends. I am very fortunate to have several that I call my very close friends. I have one dear friend since we were 14 years old. But I met all my other close friends at church or in a bible study. This isn’t because I don’t know or like others who don’t share my faith in Jesus and the Word of God. I believe it is because sharing a love for God and having Him as the center of your life adds an extra dimension to your friendship that I refer to as a “three-fold friendship”. The connection and commitment is between you and your friend and God.

Some may not understand this but we each are mind, body and spirit and I am convinced that our spirit man (or woman LOL) can be drawn to another or on the other hand, repelled by another. I once had a chance encounter in a store with a woman whom I had never met before. We started chatting and by the end of our conversation we were hugging and felt a kindred bond. Toward the end, we discovered that we were both “born again” Christians. I believe that our spirits connected, even before we knew anything else about each other.

But it is even more than that with my other close friends. There really is not the drama and back biting that so often occurs between women. Most of my close friends are very aware of my strengths and my flaws but they accept and love me as I am and I do the same for them. We are genuine, we are real. If we offer constructive criticism, we each know it is rooted in love and caring.

About 8 of my close friends were with me 12 years ago when my family went through the very difficult experience of my baby granddaughter being in critical condition in the ICU. It was a physically, emotionally and spiritually exhausting time and I have rarely felt so utterly weary as I did then. For weeks I dropped my younger children off at school and then drove an hour to Children’s Hospital to sit with my grand-baby and offer support to my daughter. We didn’t have Facebook or even texting then so the norm was to simply call each person. Times have really changed! On any given day I simply did not have the energy to talk to more than one or two people. So I would call one of those friends and share the update and current prayer request and they would pass it on to the others. Some came to visit us in the hospital and pray with us, some made meals and brought them to my family at home, some gave rides to my children. I could feel their love, support and commitment and will ever be grateful for their faithfulness.

These precious girlfriends and I all know that we can count on one another. We can share our hearts without fear of rejection. We can be real and not fear criticism. We share conversation, prayer, dinners, fun times, travel to conferences, worship and helping one another. I am truly blessed. I believe that these special three-fold cord friendships are a gift from God and one of the bonuses of knowing and loving Him.

Have you been blessed with awesome friends?
Can you relate to this three fold concept?
Please share your thoughts on good friends.

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