Your Dream is Like a Seed

Dreams are Like Seeds

It just occurred to me that dreams are very much like seeds. They are planted and then it takes some time for them to grow into maturity and fullness. Some come forth quickly while others have a long incubation period. Perhaps that is partly dependent on the soil it is planted in and just how prepared it is and full of nourishing elements. If we are still being healed and cleansed and prepared in other ways, the seed will rest in its place and wait to be nurtured into its fulfillment.

Some seeds are deliberately planted and the picture of what they will be is very clear. So a person who has strong grasp on their identity, strengths and calling may see the future dream and set a goal to pursue. Other seeds are simply scattered, even by the wind, and start to grow where they have landed. This reminds me of people who don’t feel the dream in their heart but it is brought to them by someone else- by a word spoken to them, a need presented to them, a way of redeeming a loss in their life, a strong nudge from God to make a difference in a new way.

Is your dream in seed form? Do you think it is recently planted or has it been germinating awhile? My vision of helping women find their God-given value and identity has been in my heart for over fifteen years. But I believe that I needed to mature in my relationship with God, learn some more lessons from life, and perhaps grow in wisdom and love before it was the right time to move forth. I also am certain that my “dark night of the soul” season was a time of testing and I could not be trusted to move in this ministry until I have passed it and shown myself faithful and trusting in spite of adversity.

Is Your Dream in Seed Form?

Is Your Dream in Seed Form?

There are many examples of people who felt unqualified and insecure about their abilities, yet God had a plan to use them in spite of their doubts. Biblical characters such as Gideon. Moses, Esther and many more did not imagine doing great things for God. But GOD saw their potential and had a vision for empowering them to move in their gifting and set that dream in their heart. What dream does God have in His heart for you? Has he planted a seed that is meant to grow into a completed dream? Spend some time with Him and ask. You may be amazed!

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3 thoughts on “Your Dream is Like a Seed

  1. I am in a very insecure place in my life right now…Feeling like my seeds are withering in the wind.Hoping and praying that they will be planted soon and when they are I will find the strength needed to grow toward the sun and feel the light.

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