Your Most Favorite Thing to Do?

How would you spend your time if you could do anything? What would you do for the next 10 years if you could?

My top 3 picks would be quality time with my family and dear friends/ quiet time worshipping, praying and being in God’s presence/ and inspirational speaking to a group of women.

I was so blessed last weekend to travel and speak at the “Fill My Cup” women’s encounter 4 hours away. It was wonderful to meet new friends, to share meals with them and laugh heartily at their creative fashion show. It was beautiful to see how so many women moved in their various gifting to create an amazing event together. I was honored to be the key speaker to share about hope, becoming God’s masterpiece, delving in to find the desires of your heart and finding your identity and significance in who God created you to be.

Women’s Encounter Weekend

I offered my books for sale and gave lots of hugs. I enjoyed the company of my dear friend Missy who was my companion and managed my book table. We were welcomed at another friend Karen’s home to stay for the weekend and go out for dinner after the encounter ended. We stayed for the Sunday service at their church and were blessed by the message and fellowship.

I will always treasure my gift of a butterfly watercolor painting used in the event.

A few weeks earlier I gave a similar morning presentation at our church’s Sister Strong meeting.

I can feel the anticipation for the next opportunity and I pray for many more. I have offered myself to God as a vessel for His light to shine through, His love to flow through to others and His truth to speak and dispel lies- all that those who receive this will be drawn to Him. This is what I hope to do through writing and speaking for all my remaining years of life.

What is the desire in your heart? What are you doing to prepare for it to come forth? What are ways you can see God making the way, opening doors and leading you into divine appointments with others? I pray that you, too, begin to see opportunities to use the gifts God has placed in you.

Commit your plans to God

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One thought on “Your Most Favorite Thing to Do?

  1. So true I would do the first two on your list and then read and write and read and write some more! How awesome is the gift of learning that God gave each of us!! Can’t wait to read more of the ever-changing Biblical story.

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